Carpet cleaning London - professional rug cleaning service London

Carpet Cleaning London - professional rug cleaning service

About Us

Carpet cleaning London - professional rug cleaning service.

We are specialists in professional carpet cleaning and repair services, and our priorities are an excellent customer service and affordable prices. We do not simply clean the surface of the carpet. We wash them through a full immersion in water, using the safest detergents and the most advanced equipment.

“The history of rug washing dates back to the invention of ancient rugs, and it is still the most efficient way

of cleaning them."

Even if rugs may sometimes look clean, dirt, dust and dust mites can build up over time. We are able to extract 50-100 grams of dry dust and dirt per square meter, even from a rug in a good condition. Hoovering or in-situ carpet cleaning, which are traditional methods, will remove a proportion of the dirt and dust, but only full-immersion washing gets rugs completely clean. Using our technique we can also remove dust mites, responsible for health problems such as allergies.

Full-immersion washing might sound a drastic solution to some, but is fully safe. Thanks to our highly trained technicians and our experience of more than 35 years in the industry, we can clean rugs of all types, of both synthetic and natural fibres, from traditional (including oriental and persian rugs, berbers, kilims, flokatis, dhurries and many more) to contemporary rugs like shaggy rugs and designer silk rugs.

After safely cleaning the rugs, we are careful to dry them properly too. Damage can be caused if the drying process isn't done correctly, so we use state-of-the-art machinery to achieve perfectly dry rugs and give the best possible results.

We collect your rug from your home and deliver it back as soon as cleaning is complete.

Our customers can count on us to deliver a consistently excellent service.



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