Frequently Asked Questions

 How and when am I supposed to pay?

You should pay after your fresh and clean rugs have been delivered back to you. At the moment, we can

accept cash only.

Should I stay home all day in order to give you my rugs or get them back?

No. You will know when you can expect us. We will give you a 3 hour time-frame, and call you an hour

before we arrive. Please note that, even if we want to be consistently on time, we aren't able to predict

traffic and weather conditions.

Should I ever try to clean my rugs at home?

The full immersion wet wash is the suggested method for cleaning natural fibre (wool, cotton and silk)

rugs. The most important steps in the cleaning process are dusting and thorough rinsing of the rug; it is

impossible to perform these steps if you are using an in-home surface cleaning method. This can result in a

“soapy mud” in the foundation of the rug, because the lack of a thorough reansing leaves a mix of dirt and

soap behind.The rug feels sticky afterwards, so that it will attract dirt more quickly and lead to premature

sun fade and fibre wear.

What is the difference in the results of rug washing compared to those of wall-to-wall carpet cleaning


'CAMRASO', a British carpet research organisation, performed an indipendent test which has proven that 'in

plant washing' removes 90% of soil particles. In comparison, 'steam cleaning' removes only 40%. Similar

evidence can be seen in a work carried out by the 'International Wool Secretariat': 100% Wool Wilton

carpets were laid on London Transport Silver Jubilee Buses, and, after usage, soil levels as high as 2.5kg/

m2 were measured. After 'in plant' washing the level was reduced to 100g/m2. This corresponds to a soil

removal of 95%. At RugCleanic we aspire to achieve even better results, and deliver the rugs back to you as

clean as possible.

Is there a recommended method to protect my rugs?

Your rugs must be vacuumed regularly to preserve their condition. If any liquid is spilled onto your rug,

you should try to absorb as much of it as possible, but without rubbing, as this may damage the rug

permanently. If you need any help or advice, call us, it would be a pleasure for us to assist you.